The book Clitics in the wild: Empirical studies on the microvariation of the pronominal, reflexive and verbal clitics in Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian that I have been working on with the great team from the University of Regensburg is now published and freely available!

Early this summer, Milica Popović Stijačić defended her doctoral dissertation in front of prof. dr Sunčica Zdravković, prof. dr Sabina Halupka Rešetar, and prof. dr Oliver Tošković. Congratulations, Milica, looking forward to new research endeavours!

I am very proud of my students who presented at Empirical studies in psychology – EIP2021: Milica Popović Stijačić, Ksenija Mišić, Sara Anđelić, and Lenka Ilić. Congratulations to Sara and Lenka for winning the best poster award!

Thrilled to announce the new paper on sensitivity to probabilities of word senses and on the possibility of acquiring such sensitivity through the process of discriminative learning. PDF